Monday, March 23, 2015

Scooty Mornings

It's officially spring time in our neck of the woods and for that, we're grateful.  It's time for long walks, getting the garden ready, grilling, and bubbles outside of the bathtub. :)

It's still a little chilly, but Isaiah is loving being outside.  He loves listening to the dogs bark, birds chirp, and cars go "voom".

Inside the house, Isaiah is spending a bit more time in his Scooot.  As he's getting used to it, we're still sticking to just three times a day, but we're extending the amount of time he gets to hang and enjoy it.

He's rocking scooting himself down the hallway from his bedroom in the morning and after nap; he made record time just this morning going from the end of the hall to the kitchen entryway.

In the mornings, his goal is always to get around that little black table (whose days are numbered, I suppose.  It's finally time to child-proof because he loves stopping and grabbing at the table and the decorations on the bottom of it.  I should probably get some outlet covered while I am at it since he's always grabbing at the walls....) to get to this toy...

Until Isaiah gets distracted by Mickey singing.  Once he decides he wants to watch Mickey, Dave or I help him turn around and he wheels over to this other little table.

We did adapt it by clicking one of the legs off, but Isaiah fits perfectly underneath of it.  We switch which leg is taken off to keep it interesting.

Later in the morning, when it's time for snack, Isaiah goes back into his Scooot and sits at his little adjustable table and eats.

You need two hands for Veggie Cheese Puffs.  You can't chance dropping their deliciousness.

The Scooot has brought a welcome change into our household.  In a few days I plan to add a fourth time for Isaiah to sit in his Scooot, to push himself over to the table for a meal.

This week we are pretty busy (as we prepare for a busier one next week).  Isaiah will be coming with me to the dentist for a cleaning (let's hope it goes better than 6 months ago when he flipped his lid when he saw the masks), we have our 6 month meeting with Early Intervention, water therapy...not to mention I need to start packing for DuPont because it's almost time for treatment again already, plus a sleep study (Lord help me), and our consult with the surgeon to help relieve Isaiah's hydrocephalus...

March sure is flying by.  It'll be Easter before we know it!

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