Friday, March 27, 2015


Goodness, this week has flown by.  On Sunday, Isaiah and I will head to DE for a very busy week.  He has his bimonthly Pamidronate treatment (that he gets bimonthly to help strengthen his bones).  We stay at the McDonald House but head over to the hospital for a few hours each day for three days for that.  On top of that, we have a consult with Isaiah's neurosurgeon to discuss some of my questions about the upcoming surgery to help alleviate his hydrocephalus.  And to really make sure we're exhausted (mind you, I'm the one who scheduled these things), we'll be spending the night together at the hospital before heading home to have Isaiah's 3rd sleep study.  BAH. I very much dislike sleep studies.

Isaiah clearly does too. :-P

Speaking of things I dislike...One thing I loathe about "Pam trips" is the middle of the night bottle. Having to carry Isaiah and a full bottle to the kitchen of the McDonald House to warm it without making noise is a task...not to mention that I have to make sure I'm fully awake so that I am careful with Isaiah.  Struggle.  But the last....two weeks?...Isaiah had been sleeping through the night.  I am talking 7pm until at least 7am.  It had been glorious...but then the last few days this child has decided to wake up before the sun...5am wake ups here...and I refuse to give him a bottle.  In a way I regret it because we're all tired...but he's a few months shy of two years old, we can't be doing that dance anymore, (and waaah, I really am hoping to avoid it this pam trip) and I am will not back down but I am so tired...

Guys, we're pooped.  So if you've noticed my posts have been kind of whiney (like today's haha), that's why.  Let's hope Isaiah decides to sleep in tonight since tomorrow is Saturday and all three of us could sleep in since it's not a work day for Dave (because he's had some long days this week, and I bet he's feeling it too).  And let's hope a girls' day with my friends/old roommates from college helps rejuvenate me so I am ready for this tough week ahead.  #1708forlife

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