Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tummy Time

We've finally figured out a way to get Isaiah on his tummy while off of Dave and I...but before we did that, we spent a few days pushing Isaiah onto his side.

Carl is not impressed.

I use a blanket to to move him around.  Every day, I spend some time lifting his hips back and forth while crazily yelling "hip, hip, hip, hip" and Isaiah cracks up belly laughing.

Amazingly, we've gotten to a point where he can hold himself on his side.  

Isaiah's PT has suggested letting Isaiah hang out on his reflux incline.  He spent the first few times just laying on it, but has all of a sudden starting rolling himself over; it really helps him move.  He gets nervous when he's going, but each day he gets less nervous and more excited.

(Who noticed Carl stalking back there, anyone?)

This showed us that Isaiah was ready for tummy time!  Using his Hugga-Bebe pillow, we flip him over on his belly (literally like a pancake. lol).
This was his very first time on his belly. It lasted a whole 5 minutes, but he was relaxed the whole time.

I discussed things with the PT, and she wanted to open the Hugga-Bebe to give Isaiah as much opportunity to lift his head as possible; she was thinking that maybe it would restrict him from lifting.

Then, we started bribing him with toys galore.

And, BOOM, he started lifting.

(That's his PT in the background, thinking he's about to flip over, lol)

Such a strong baby!

Those eyes kill me.  Look at that shoulder off of his pillow.

Now that we know that distracting toys are key to get him moving, I set up quite the toy shop every time Isaiah does tummy time.  

He's gone from tolerating 5 minutes to 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and now 30 minutes.

And I have to say, he's quite happy while hanging out on his belly.

We're hoping Isaiah will really start lifting himself soon.  This is big progress for our little Super Baby.

Although, Carl isn't impressed with this progress.  He's looking more like "um, I'm doing tummy time right now too, mom.  Where's my accolades?"   ;-)

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