Friday, March 14, 2014

Back to Our Normal

Happily, there's not too much going on recently, and honestly I'm grateful for it.

The past month flew by due to Isaiah's surgery and Pam days.  He needs this time to sleep, veg, and just be a baby!

Does that picture not melt your heart?  When I snapped this picture I had a vision of 5 years from now, Isaiah in bed surrounded by every stuffed animal in our house, happy as a clam.  

Isaiah is learning how to make different sounds.  He had previously only made vowel sounds, but we're getting a few b's and um, pfffffts?

(let's see if I can embed the video I uploaded to instagram yesterday...)

(Holy macaroni, I did it!)

This kid is going to be talking before we know it.  I vote that "mama" should be his first word, but I'm biased. I'd also be ok with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or bazinga.

Happy Friday, everyone! Isaiah and I might just get brave enough to run an errand or two by ourselves today... before we get even more snow in a few days (barf.).  I'll be sure to take 862 million pictures of our adventure (who's surprised?).


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