Monday, March 31, 2014


Have I mentioned on here that Isaiah loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?  He giggles and kicks around as soon as the theme song begins.  I was trying to record this reaction, but instead...
TOES! ISAIAH CAN TOUCH HIS TOES!  This was truly the first moment that he got his hands on his toes and I got it on my iphone to watch forever and ever. :)  

And ever since then, he's all about those toes.

He really mostly grabs his right foot, but he's gotten a hold of his left every so often.

We're so amazed by this foot action because, well, it usually takes OIers months and months to do it.  And here he is, 7 months old, and amazing us all!

I believe this means that Isaiah can officially sing "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes", right?

Side note: Did you see the bath pictures? This kid LOVED his most recent bath.  And NO problems with his oxygen dipping either! Real baths will now start to replace sponge baths for Isaiah.  Also, did you notice he is still tube/tape free?  He's made it over a week without his machines.  They're just collecting dust right now; we have to make an appointment for a sleep study and then we're confident we can say good bye to the machines.  Woo hoo!!!!!


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  1. he is doing SO great!!! yay toes and baths!! go Isaiah go!!