Monday, March 17, 2014

First Hair Cut

On Saturday, I posted this picture and received a few comments, a number of private messages and even texts to my phone begging "NO, NOT THE CURL!"

Don't panic, it's still there.  Promise. 

I'm pretty sure I'll be crying when it's time to say goodbye to his top curl/mohawk.  Isaiah has always had longer hair on top of his head and along the back hairline at his neck.  Lately, it's driven me crazy! 

It's hard to see because his hair is so fine, but the hair along his neck was seriously an inch and a half to two and a half inches long.

On top of that, his long curls were always all over his ears.  That didn't matter before the surgery (where he got his ears cleaned out/tubes put in), but for 2 weeks after the surgery, his ears were constantly leaking wax (blech. Hope you weren't eating!) and wax was getting all up in his hair.  It was a gross, sticky mess.

See his crazy hair by his ear?

So, Dave held Isaiah while I used little kid scissors to get rid of those crazy locks.  We dreamed of Isaiah's first hair cut happening in the barbershop on Main Street in the the Magic Kingdom (of Disney World), but Isaiah had enough of a mullet and I could not live with it any longer.

Here you can see that the curl is still on top of Isaiah's head but his hair is trimmed around his ear.

Yesterday, Isaiah had some time on his side so I grabbed the opportunity to get a shot of the back of his head.
It looks like I did an awful job but whatever, it's no longer crazy long!

Distraction: Look at our baby holding himself on his side! 

So there it is, Isaiah survived his first hair cut, which is a huge deal given I was the one holding the scissors.  ;-)  This week look for updates on weaning (FULL DAY!), our adventures out and about [sans daddy], and holy guacamole, TUMMY TIME.

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