Monday, March 24, 2014

The Weaning Continues

Isaiah has been completely off of his C-Pap since Thursday morning.

He's doing SO good!  We knew he'd do well the first night, but weren't sure how the next few nights would go.

Well, Isaiah's rocking night time.  He's dipped down once a night, and that dip lasts no longer than 30 seconds and is only 92%! He brings his oxygen saturation level right back up to 98% all by himself (without waking up).  The nurses believe this occurred while he was in a deep sleep (aka totally normal!)

Go baby go!

In other news, I still owe you a tummy time post.  It's coming, and is full of a ridiculous amount of pictures.  For now, I leave you with this...

 BOOM.  Isaiah is on his side!

Happy Monday!


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