Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Adventures of Mommy and Isaiah

It finally happened.  It took 7 months, but Isaiah and I finally left the house by ourselves.  No Daddy.  No nurse.  And we left for something other than a doctor's appointment, something FUN!

Um, mom? School? Fun? Really?

YES, kiddo, it'll be fun, I swear!  We went to my old place of work, a place full of friends, love, and support.  I was dying to introduce Isaiah to everyone!  We had to stay away previously due to the fragility of Isaiah's respiratory situation, but he's grown so strong! It was time to introduce him to so many people who love him!

First, I made a sign to hang on Isaiah's car seat. (I actually updated it with a medical alert sign and fixed that spelling error, but here's the original screen shot I took yesterday.)

 I have more than one copy to put other places around Isaiah, but for now I just put the one.  

I made it in case I/we were to get in a car accident with Isaiah in the car and we aren't conscious.  It's a totally crazy way to think, but I have the mentality that if I'm prepared for it, it won't happen.  I avoided putting Isaiah's name on the card, and it does have his aunt's cell phone number on it (with her permission) for an officer or EMT to call if needed, but no names.  This way there's an immediate contact if necessary.  (I also have a list of important phone numbers in his diaper bag in case of emergency.)

Ok, so once I was prepared for anything, we got on the road...after a photo session of course. :)

Isaiah handled the car ride really well.  He did start crying after we passed the outlets (I know buddy, I want to go shopping too), so we pulled over at a gas station so I could give him his pacifier.  That soothed him until he got to school. (This was our first drive without someone in the backseat with Isaiah.  The fact that he only cried once is awesome.)

Once we got to school, we were met by many friendly faces.  Isaiah was so funny, he just kept staring at everyone.

Here he is with his visitor badge.  We had to be official and follow the rules!

We wandered the halls looking for friendly faces and he even got to meet all of the 5th graders in the cafeteria!  We circled each table saying hi as we went.  The kids were great at not touching him.  A few made him laugh/smile as we walked by.  I could tell he was so amazed at all the people he was seeing, and he just loved it, he didn't shed one tear in that cafeteria.

We told the kids about his OI, talked about the word "fragile", and of course told them about Wishbone Day!

Before we left the building, we just had to snap a picture with Character Ed and the PROUD board.  Isaiah may have received a proud point while visiting.  It's in my car. (Maybe I should have added it to the board! lol)

It was WONDERFUL seeing so many faces that I miss so so much!  Everyone there has been so amazingly supportive. I'm bummed a missed a number of people (what, do you think you're there to teach or something?), but it gives us a reason to visit again soon. :)
Isaiah passed out in the car on the drive home and then continued to sleep another hour in his crib.  Visiting friends is exhausting, huh?  A good kind of exhausting. ;-)

Hooray to our first of many adventures together.  It's funny, before Isaiah I likely would have taken something like this for granted.  We got to go out!  Isaiah got to meet people!  We got to rock out to music in the car together! (Picture me dancing/singing like an idiot and Isaiah looking at me in the mirror with a face that said "Um, really mom? Stop embarrassing me." NEVER!)  Here's to many more fun trips together....

PS- Who noticed he is tube-free in these pictures? Woo! Updates on the wean to come!


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  1. It was so great to see you and your little rock star! We felt like we were meeting someone famous after following your adventures with Isaiah these many months. It was the highlight of our week-come back soon!