Tuesday, March 11, 2014

7 months!

Isaiah's 7 months old today! Holy cow!

In all honesty, we've only had a few moments of happy Isaiah today (thankfully I had the camera ready, huh?).  He had his flu booster this morning, developed a low grade fever, and has had the case of the grumps.  We're trying to decide if it's more than a reaction to the booster.  He's only sporadically moving his left limbs, so we're concerned it's a possible break.  He did get the shot in the thigh though, and they say the area can be sore for a day or so, so he may just be feeling those effects.  He's been crying out in his sleep though. :( We're giving pain meds as a precaution as we don't want Isaiah in pain. 

We've savored those few moments of smiles today, and hope they come back after a good night's sleep.

He's made some great strides recently in his life.  He's riding exclusively in his car seat, he's up to an hour and a half of weaning off of his Trilogy already, he's eating an average of 5 ounces a bottle now.  The kid has come a LONG way! Whatever the issue is, let's pray it heals quickly and he's back to his smiley self soon.

And now I know not to schedule shots on Isaiah's birth months.  They should be days to celebrate, not get poked.  :-P


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