Friday, September 20, 2013


Another quick update!

Isaiah is doing SO MUCH BETTER today!!!

He's got his feistiness back! (Holy exclamation points, can you tell I'm excited? !!!!)

 His co2 levels are normal/right above the normal range. His respiratory rate has been much more consistent as well (not nearly as much beeping about a high rate as before).

Tonight we gave him a bit of a sponge bath and now he is completely passed out.

Because he's made such a quick recovery, the doctors believe this respiratory issue that he experienced this week was due to his Pamidronate treatment. Pam is so important to him so we are still planning on his next treatment in 8 weeks. He will obviously be inpatient to monitor his lungs/co2 level (we were hoping to bring him to day medicine for his next treatment...we'll get there.).  

No one is 100% sure that this was a reaction to the Pam; they are just kind of leaning that way. There's no research showing this type of reaction during the second cycle, it really makes no sense..but the fact that everything unraveled like it did...will make everyone move with extreme caution during the next cycle.

Thank you so much to everyone for the continued prayers. They, along with an amazing nicu staff, are what have gotten him back to his stable state where he is now. We're so grateful!

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  1. He is so adorable! Thanks for taking the time to keep this blog so that we can keep up with his progress. Our love and prayers as always, continue to be with you! Megel & Pat