Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coming Home: The Details

After 20 days at Dupont, we finally made our way home.  Isaiah's fantastic nurses had spent time during the week before to train us on how to care for Isaiah's medical needs- we inserted and removed his NG tube, learned the various ways to check its placement, learned how to give him his pain meds, all about his oxygen needs, and more.

Once everyone was confident in us, the majority of those in charge of Isaiah's care met at rounds and discussed us discharging that day...or the next, it depended on how quickly they could cross their Ts and dot their Is.

We waited and waited.  We went over to the Ronald McDonald House at lunch time and cleaned up our room just in case they decided it was the day.  Once done, we called the NICU but they still hadn't heard.

Even though we were dying to take a big step home and check out, we waited.  We wanted to be sure we had beds to sleep in if Isaiah couldn't be discharged.

When we got back to Isaiah's room, his nurse said Dr. Bober was looking for us.  We weren't around too long before he came in.

We were wondering if he had the results from the pulmonary tests, but nope, not yet...he was just wanting to come say goodbye until Isaiah's next PAM treatment.  We were all "goodbye? are we discharging?"  He was all "YUP!" (in a much more professional way, ha)

And then picture me more excited than I've ever been. I couldn't focus to save my life.  I quickly texted Tammy to tell her we were discharging.

She made her way up to say her "see ya later!"

We may have cried. haha

We then made our way back to the Ronald McDonald House to grab dinner, pack up, meet a fellow OI family, and check out.

We of course took longer than we wanted.  When we got back, Isaiah's nurse already had a wheelchair and wagon in Isaiah's room waiting for us.  She helped us pack up and leave the hospital.

The great part of leaving at the time we did is that it was during the change of shift so we got to say our goodbyes to many of the nurses who took such amazing care of Isaiah.  <3

We got Isaiah into his car bed and started on our way HOME!

Isaiah fell asleep on the ride home. I got bored and took pictures with him. ha.

We got home at the same time that the oxygen company came so I popped Carl in to our room.  I ran back out to help Dave bring Isaiah into his room and then hung out with Isaiah while Dave learned the details on the oxygen situation.  (preview of the nursery:)

Once that was all settled, I brought Carl into Isaiah's room to show him his new housemate.  He was quite scared/overwhelmed given the massive changes so we took it slow.  He stayed out of the room for the most part and was glued to which ever one of us was not in with Isaiah.  We had a long night because Isaiah had spent most of the day sleeping....thus he was a night owl for his first night home.

Once it hit 8am we brought Isaiah into our room to cuddle and stare at him. (Note: no one slept while Isaiah was in the bed.)

Dave only looks like he's falling asleep because he was pooped.

Carl got an up close look at Isaiah.

Ignore my creepy zombie hand. I was blocking in case Carl got excited.

After some time, Carl relaxed and just stared:

After a few hours, we moved Isaiah to the living room:

He got his first bath at home.

We put him in his first outfit at home:

and we just continued to stare and admire him.

On Friday, we introduced him to one of our fantastic neighbors:

And spent the evening cuddling on the couch with Carl.

This morning (after he slept ALL NIGHT!) we bundled him up because it was wonderfully Fall-like:

And have since gotten things done around the house while admiring his adorableness.

We are so happy to be home with him.  We swear he is happy too.  We've checked his respiratory rate and noticed it's been much better- like 50s-80s!  We've gotten braver with taking him off of his mattress  and plan to continue to do so unless we suspect a break.  

And we may even brave the stroller! (oh snap!) We just want to email his PT before doing so...

So there you have it, a brief yet extremely long summary of Isaiah's homecoming. <3

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