Monday, September 9, 2013

Isaiah's First Doctor Appointment

Well today we had our first outing since coming home; we took Isaiah down the road to his pediatrician's office.
Here we are in the waiting room!

People say going anywhere with a baby makes you take longer...we predicted that but then you add in the whole oxygen thing and the fact that we have to transfer him from mattress to car bed and then vice versa...we should probably add at least another 15 minutes....the good thing is we were still on time! 

This appointment was just a meet and weight check really. He's weighing in on their scale at 8lbs 6oz. That's not the weight gain we'd like to see (not even 10 grams a day) but the home nurse comes tomorrow so since he was already weighed on her scale last week, we'll see what her scale says as that will be a better comparison.

The doctor looked him over and also noticed he looks to have a hernia in his boy parts. Poor little guy can't catch a break! We are now scheduled to head back to DuPont on Sunday to start his next PAM infusion so we are just adding another doctor to come take a look at him/do an ultrasound on him.

We did confirm one good thing on this trip, he really loves car rides. He has fallen asleep all 3 times we've been in the car together. 

I had him covered due to the brightness if the sun...

So we survived his first doctor appointment at home! Hoping the rest of them don't have any other surprises. :)

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