Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bouncy Baby!

Isaiah is officially sitting in a bouncy chair now!

His physical therapist (PT) at Dupont (pictured below with permission) has been dealing with us crazily pestering him about getting Isaiah in different types of baby goodies- bouncy chairs, swings, you know.

Well, yesterday Isaiah's PT worked some foam on the chair and made it so it's supportive to Isaiah and he's seeing the world from a different perspective for the first time- sitting up!

I'd say he loved it...because he fell right to sleep. (That's usually a sign of baby approval, right? When they pass out?)

He was in there for about 30 minutes yesterday, but today he was in for a whole hour this afternoon and then a half hour this evening. 

He was much more awake this afternoon:

Instead of a mirror, I may have stuck my iphone in Isaiah's face for him to look at himself...and it may have given me the opportunity to take funny pictures of him.

Extreme close-up!

He's even turning his head more in it!
Daddy must have said something funny: 

I would say Isaiah approves of the different arrangement.  We are definitely looking forward to his sitting in our bouncy chairs and swing at home! :)

Along with this PT (physical therapy) going well, Isaiah's breathing is still doing great as well.  We're waiting on the oxygen company to bring the new machine we'll use at home to the hospital.  We're going to use it at the hospital first to make sure all is well.  

They are also talking the big D word again- maybe by the end of the week! There's a slight possibility we'll be going home by ambulance!  It depends on our comfort level and our insurance (ha).

We'll keep you updated. In the mean time, people, get your flu shots. Even I'm doing it because it's a major way to protect Isaiah...and if you know me and my fear of needles, this is big, and it wasn't even a question.

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  1. look at him in his bouncy chair! so sweet! p.s. i'm getting my flu shot tomorrow at work! :)