Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Progress!

Isaiah has sure gotten used to his mask. 
Dare I say he likes it? Nah....he's just used to it.

Well, he's been doing so well on it that they lowered him to the lowest setting and he has maintained his progress. This morning at rounds the team decided to switch him back to the vapor therm machine (aka no more Hanibal Lector mask!)!!

Oh snap, we can see our baby's face again!

We are noticing that his respiratory rate isn't nearly as good as it was on the cpap (mask). He's definitely breathing quicker again. We're hoping he can bring it down to a more comfortable level on his own.

Either way, we're just thrilled he's made such improvements in such a short time.

This kid has been sleeping his face off. He had a lot of sleep to make up for though. It's so wonderful to see him finally resting.


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