Sunday, September 15, 2013

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Off to DuPont We Go

Well, after a week and a half at home, we're on the road again back to DuPont.

(How cool are smartphones and their making it possible for me to blog from the  backseat of the car?!)

Isaiah will hopefully be starting his next Pamidronate treatment today- if the nicu staff can get his iv in (they totally can!).

If an iv doesn't work, he's scheduled for surgery tomorrow to put in a central line. We're hoping to cancel that though. :)

Along with Pam, Isaiah is also going in for his next hearing screening. We're hopeful it goes well, but we've dropped some things and been extremely loud and he doesn't even we're just praying right now that if there is a problem that's it's fixable.

We're hoping to be back home with Carl by midweek at the latest...we'll keep you updated for sure! 

Bonding brothers...Ba Ba's not going to like this! :-P

Thanks for your continued prayers for Isaiah.

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  1. fingers crossed the IV goes smoothly! and the hearing test goes well! carl is such a good big bro ;)