Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nursery Reveal!

First, here's an update on today:

We're all registered and comfy in the DuPont Nicu.  The IV is in, the PAM is flowing, Isaiah is resting. Hooray!


This post would normally go on the house blog....but I've stopped paying attention to that for a bit and I've had some requests from oibelieveinisaiah readers that I need to show everyone Isaiah's finished bedroom!  I had a moment to take pictures this week while we were home, so here you go!

So who remembers when we had an office?

It was an embarrassing, shut-the-door-and-pretend-it-doesn't-exist type of room.

It was full of college left-overs.

It was temporary.  We knew once we started a family that it would change to our first child's nursery.

Well, once that stick had that extra pink line, I went on nag mode.  "Daaaaave, we have to get the room ready!" So we slowly packed it up, found new homes for things, and purged purged purged.

Dave worked on redoing the walls- they were textured- like popcorn ceiling on the Dave had to smooth them down (sanded them, skim-coated them, sanded them some more) before painting them. Once they and the ceiling were painted, Dave's awesome brother-in-law John came and helped Dave install crown molding.

And then the fun REALLY began...

are you ready for this?

for the big reveal?

If you're on facebook or it you paid attention to the end of his Journey Home video, you got a sneak peek when he came home.....

Should I stop making you scroll now?

ok. I won't even say anything after making you scroll all that way.  Prepare to be attacked with pictures.

So there's your spin around the check out the details! (warning, I'm going to talk again.)

Could these words be ANY truer? I think not.

This is one of my favorite details in the room- I found black wall planters on amazon for $8 each, spray painted them orange and hung all of Isaiah's fun soft toys and books- they are in perfect reach of the changing table. (You can thank Pinterest for this amazingly fabulous idea.)

I had some fun with scrap paper and totally copied this idea from etsy.

But my absolute favorite spot in the room?:

It's not my favorite because of this awesome plate that I found at Michael's that holds Isaiah's pacifiers...

Nope, it's because of the wall art we made just for Isaiah... So much meaning is on this wall and a lot of work and love went into it.

Dave's favorite spot/thing in the room is the cross that was made specifically for Isaiah...
How special is that?  It's something we'll treasure always.


Oh goodness, we just love the room.  Don't you?  We don't even remember what it looked like before this. (Good thing we have pictures to remind us of where we started!)

For those who are so overwhelmed by the massive amount of pictures in this post and can't remember what this room started out looking like, here are some convenient before and afters:
We still have a few finishing painting the new doors.  We'll get there when we have time (so maybe in 4 or 5 years?).

Even with unpainted doors, it's still perfect to us...because it's officially home to our favorite person in the universe.

So, what's your favorite aspect of the room? (and no taking the easy route and saying "Isaiah!")  Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on this very fun matter. :)

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