Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just for Fun!

Ok people, today is quite the good day.  Isaiah was flipping all kinds of ways this morning when I was sleeping in/cuddling with Carl.  I've already made some lasagna rollups for the freezer for after we're home with Isaiah (because we WILL all be home together).  Now for something fun....

We're officially within single digits until we meet Isaiah.  9 DAYS!   I thought it'd be fun to ask you who you think Isaiah looks like.  (Hey, we got 3D pictures, why not have fun with it?)  So I scrounged up Dave (we're 90% sure it's Dave lol) and my newborn pictures, made fun of ourselves (I swear I've never looked as tan as when I was born lol), and scanned them in.

For your entertainment:

Be sure to vote!  Neither of us will be offended if you choose one over the other.  We both have our own opinions on this and we feel the same way about it (poor kid).

Special thanks to Kate from (and also one of my BFFs) for helping me with adding the poll!

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