Thursday, August 22, 2013

2 steps forward, 1 step back

Last night we left the NICU feeling relieved (even though we almost had a mishap involving Isaiah's UV line being pulled by a custodian...I roared my mama lion roar to stop any trouble there).  We were happy; Isaiah has finished his first PAM infusion and won't need it again for 4 weeks (after that he'll receive PAM every 8 weeks).   He already looks like he's benefiting from PAM- he's relaxing.  He's moving his head more.  His arms keep going down (instead of being bent, tense, and by his head)...

 The staff removed his UV line afterwards even though his calcium was low because it wasn't that low...we left the hospital feeling GREAT!  Both Dave and I got a good night's sleep.

Then the phone rang at 7am.  Everything was ok but they wanted to warn us; they had to put an IV in Isaiah's scalp to give him calcium.  They say he took it like a champ and that it's more disturbing to look at than it is for him to have it in there.

They checked his calcium level this morning and it's already back to a great level.  They are going to keep his IV in until tomorrow just so they have a way in...and this way they avoid sticking Isaiah again.

This morning we also noticed his belly looked a little swollen, but the doctors assure us it's probably just his belly being full/maybe some constipation...and Dave says it's already down.  Let's pray they are right. :)

I know everyone here in the DuPont nicu is working hard to keep Isaiah comfortable and happy.  One of the staff members brought Isaiah a mobile to put above his crib.  He loves it.

He's resting now, with the mobile spinning and playing music above his head.  Once he has the IV out of his head, I'll rest too.  So many OI parents have told us scalp IVs are a normal thing...I thought I'd be ready for it, but seeing it in our baby's head....makes me wish they could put it in mine instead.  Good thing he's such a tough guy, huh?

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  1. he is such a tough guy! and so alert.. love him watching the mobile, so cute! i hope the IV comes out soon and his calcium stays up!