Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Isaiah has loved meeting his friends and family.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged....after this Wednesday. :)

We are holding off on having any visitors from yesterday through Wednesday, except for his good friend PAM.  

 So far (fingers crossed) he's responding well to it.  His temperature has remained steady and his temperament has been pretty good. He gets fussy every once in a while, but he's a baby. :)

We're definitely learning his personality.  He loves the dark.  He tends to put his blanket over his eyes, especially when the lights are on.  You can kind of see the blanket up in the picture below (seriously, he does this, not us, not the staff.)

Yes, I did take a floating headshot with my son. I think kids today call it a "selfy"? Personally, I think that sounds dirty.

So does Isaiah.

Anyway, once Isaiah is finished his PAM treatment, the staff will begin weening him off of his morphine.  That is actually starting tonight- they are going to switch him from the morphine drip to giving it orally again (well, through his feeding tube.).  Then it will be time for physical therapy (YES PLEASE! Let's get his head rolling to the right!)

Before I go, I have a few more notes about visitors (that are welcome after Wednesday, with a slight break on Friday because we need to head to Lancaster for my dr appt and obviously cuddle time with Carl).

-When visiting, please call or text us first so we can set up a time that works.  (If you don't have our number, email us at dacky041208@gmail.com so we can give it to you.) That way we don't have a party in Isaiah's room and upset the staff or other babies...and that way we'll have made sure we're not neglecting our own needs (like eating dinner and resting) like we had been.

-Avoid wearing any jewelry or plan to take them off when you get to the NICU- especially watches, bracelets, and fancy rings- wedding bands are fine, as long as they don't have stones in them (they can carry germs).

-You'll need to scrub in.  It's fairly easy- just soap and water and a good scrub.  Then you'll fill out a paper that states you haven't been sick in the last 48 hours.

-Parking is FREE! And easy.  They have a free valet (they even refuse gratuity) so you don't even need to find a spot.  

You'll need your drivers license or a photo id with you.  When you come in, shoot Dave or I a text or call and we can come meet you (it's a bit of a maze to get to the NICU).  While waiting, sign in at one of the 3 desks- you'll get a visitors tag to wear for your visit.

-Be ready for me to take your picture with Isaiah. It's mandatory. :)

<3 Vicky

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