Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dad update time:

Everything has been going pretty well here at Jefferson. Vicky is recovering nicely and Isaiah is getting all the love he can handle here. We have been spending a lot of time with him and love holding him every chance we get.

I know Vicky  and I have both had tons of questions about how he is doing. When he was born they took him for X-rays and it showed he had cracked a few ribs and had a broken right humorous. Well, yesterday they added to that list, now he might have a broken left femur, tibia, fibula, and they think that there might be a break in his jaw. They also think there might be some newer breaks in his right leg, but with the way he always has that curled up it is tough to tell.

Isaiah is handling this well with the medication he is on as well as all the love he is receiving. They have him on neonatal morphine to help deal with the pain. Vicky talked with an OI specialist this morning and he said there are really three things to look for this week.

1- Does medication help Isaiah's Pain?
2- Is he breathing well on his own?
3- Is he stable?

Now as of this typing, Isaiah is only about 55 hours old, but the answer to all three of those concerns is yes. Currently, the plan is to spend another day or so here at Jefferson and then we will all head to DuPont hospital down in Deleware. There, they can take a better look at him and determine what needs to be done (as well as starting PAM treatments).

Isaiah (and we) are so blessed to have all the support that we have received. Last night, that included visits from Sanne and Kate and today my aunt Debi and cousin Molly stopped in to see Isaiah. Molli is the cousin that has started Team Isaiah for a half marathon in November. They are currently up to 44% of their fundraising goal which is awesome. We're going to do everything we can to make sure they hit that goal (Shamless plug: Team Isaiah ).

The final thought in this dad post is a simple one. I had this little status update planned to post on my facebook when we left for the hospital early Monday morning. Well, Isaiah made sure that I didn't have time to do it. I was lucky I remembered to throw underwear and shirts in my bag as we ran out. But the gist of what I wanted to share with everyone is that I am incredible grateful to know you. Every card that we get, email, or text supporting us makes a difference whether you know it or not. We now know the incredible strength that Vicky and I have needed to make it through the last 5 months (especially the last 2 days). Well, every bit of that strength comes from you. Thank you.

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