Friday, August 9, 2013

3 days. (gulp)

3 days!!!!! It's not actually that faraway but at times it feels like an eternity. Especially at 3am when I can't sleep and decide I could eat a house.  Oy.

We did have one last appointment at Jefferson earlier this week, which prompted one more appointment locally to check my blood pressure two days later. All is good though, if not, today would be Isaiah's birthday.

At Jefferson, besides the OB appointment, we met with many members of the team in an office in the NICU.  They gave us ideas of what to expect (normal expectations and complications that can occur with non-OI babies and c-sections), asked what we'd like to happen during certain worst case scenarios (that was HARD), and showed us the special bedding brought by Dupont that they'll be using.  All of the team has done a ton of research.  We're very confident in their abilities and so appreciative of their listening (and hearing!) our concerns about things like blood pressure cuffs and such that we've heard from seasoned OI parents.  They are going to leave about 3 to 4 inches of Isaiah's umbilical cord attached to him so they can use that as a line instead of sticking him with needles.  They'll also be able to check blood pressure that way- thus avoiding the cuff on his fragile bones.

We're very excited to meet baby Isaiah.  I have to keep reminding myself that he is the most important part of Monday- not the c-section itself and the fears that are coming with it.

I do want to mention...I have so appreciated all of the wonderful messages I've been receiving this week.  I'm trying my hardest to reply but I'm starting to go into a "I want to crawl under a rock and hide" mode.  It's my instinct when I get nervous and it's making it difficult for me to find the words to respond.  Just know I love the messages and love you all for sending them. :)

Ok, time for the last day of waterproofing our basement (thank goodness) and then hopefully I can get the energy up to finish prepping freezer crock pot meals....or maybe I'll just take a nap while I can...

because I believe in Isaiah. He will defy the odds. He will come home.  He will be a stinker that makes it so mommy and daddy never know what a good night's sleep is ever again (so yeah, nap totally wins). :)


  1. I have faith everything will be fine! I'm praying for the 4 of you (Carl counts)! Can't wait until he's born!

  2. You both are phenomenal. The strength, love, prayers and belief will prevail! God bless you!