Wednesday, August 14, 2013

little stinker- a story

This is going to be one of those blog posts that when Isaiah is 16, he's going to be like "seriously? why would you tell the internet this?"

Tonight, the two of us helped his nurse change Isaiah's diaper...or should I say diapers.

After she told me how to lift him so that he is fully supported, and after I spent a few minutes mentally preparing myself, I lifted Isaiah's head and torso off of his mattress so that she and Dave could remove his diaper, clean him up, and put a new diaper on.

Shouldn't be too bad.  He might pee on us but what's a little pee?

I successfully lifted him (with the nurse's help), she wiped him up and then she and Dave pulled the diaper out from under him.  As his nurse checked him over one last time to be sure he was clean, we heard it.

You know what we heard.

She quickly closed his new clean diaper and let him dirty it...after a whole 5 seconds of clean.

And then we did the whole process again.

What a little stinker.  Literally.  I guess he knew we needed the practice.

Good night all...time to get some sleep before our big move to Dupont.


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