Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another quick update from dad. So we are here on day 4 at Jefferson Hospital. Last night a few of our friends stopped in to visit and brought Isaiah some really cool stuff.

Matt and Kaleen brought a Snuffy stuffed animal and also a baby book on the history of the Philadelphia Eagles. The book shows all of the successes of the Eagles and talks about all their wise management decisions over the years. Obviously it is a very short book. It does teach them the fundamentals though like Cowboys = evil and all that.

Today, we have sort of firmed up the plans for Isaiah. As long as everything continues well with him, tomorrow he will be transferred to DuPont hospital in Delaware. Somewhere around 9am he will head down via ambulance and we will be right behind. The doctors there are obviously well aware of his condition and have been getting constant updates from the staff here at Jefferson. From what they hear, they are very impressed with how well Isaiah has been transitioning to life on his own. We have been very happy as well. Trying to figure out what this kid will be able to wear has been a nightmare. Trying to force arms and legs through small openings would not be a good thing. After spending 3 days in diapers and blankets, we (and by we, I mean the Nicu nurse) were able to put Isaiah into a little outfit.

 As of now, they are thinking that he will be staying at DuPont for 2-3 weeks. He will be observed, start physical therapy, and most importantly he will start to receive his PAM treatments that will hopefully help strengthen his bones. The outlook that they have for him is just so encouraging to us. A few months ago some people believed he wouldn't make it, and now he could be in his home about a month after he was born. Lastly, the reason you are getting another update from dad is because Vicky is passed out in her hospital bed. It is completely exhausting looking at the cuteness that is Isaiah.

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  1. So, so happy for the 3 of you!!! Isaiah is defying the odds, just like you knew he would!!! Continued best wishes for all good things that will bring Isaiah home - those doctors & nurses are the real superstars of our world. :)