Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Worrisome? Nah.

The fabulous OI specialist, Dr. Bober, from Dupont called this morning.  Not only did he do some research for me  (He asked his patients' families that are local to me who their pediatrician is so we have someone familiar with OI.  I had been feeling like I was on a wild goose chase.), but he took a moment to chat about what he's heard from the rest of the team.

He was told the recent ultrasounds and tests have looked good.  I was taken aback because that word "worrisome" rings in my ears constantly and especially when I think of the most recent ultrasounds.  

I told him how doctors had said Isaiah hadn't grown as they were hoping, how his rib cage wasn't as big as they were hoping, and how they are concerned for his ability to breathe.  Dr. Bober said he is confident in the baby, he doesn't have any breaks in his ribs and that's a good sign.  He also mentioned the accuracy of measurements in ultrasounds this late in pregnancy can be off- meaning his rib cage may be bigger than it's measuring- he's all squished in there.  

That does remind me of a friend of mine who told me her baby was measuring around 4 pounds in her last ultrasound right before her c-section, and her baby came out 7 pounds.

So, our confidence grows a little more.  

When we go to our last appointment at Jefferson before the c-section, we are meeting with a number of people to set up a birth plan.  They are going to give us many different scenarios and we are to give a basic idea of how we'd like the doctors and nurses to proceed.  We know they are going to ask us about things we'd rather not think about (ventilators, compressions, etc), but it will be extremely beneficial to talk through all the possibilities...and pray none of the scary ones happen!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and love.  

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