Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feeling Blessed

Ok, so first I want to apologize for my little hissy fit yesterday.  We had been used to frustrating doctor's appointments, but after the last two were so awesome, this one hit hard.

And it wasn't even that bad.  The doctor said that he still believes it's not the lethal type of OI, but I had trouble with that word "worrisome".  It also concerned me because the other doctor in the room didn't know how to word things, which made me worry that they are more concerned than they are letting on.

Over these past few months, I've wondered if one of the reasons God gave us Isaiah is to bring me faith.  I've always slacked there.  I've always questioned...until Isaiah.  Although now I question myself.  Am I praying right?  Does He hear me?

He hears me.

Last night, I was laying in bed while Dave was brushing his teeth, and I said "Please, please protect him. Please help him grow strong. Please help him live.  I promise, we'll take such good care of him if you let us have him."

And Isaiah did some kind of backflip- my whole belly jumped (that rarely happens).  It's like God was telling him to remind me that he's alive and he's going to be ok.

I said the same darn thing this morning when I woke up and he did it again.

Then I started crying again...and Isaiah kept on moving.  It's like he's saying "Gosh mom, knock it off, I'M OK!! We're going to be ok!"

So today I'm stronger and I want you all to know that.   A big reason for that is the support I received after I posted about our appointment.  My phone went crazy with texts.  My Facebook (and the blog) went crazy with such supportive comments and messages from fellow OI parents, close friends and family, and friends that I haven't seen in quite some time.  You shared my post to get the word out for prayers and I received more messages of support from people we have never met.

Thank you.  I needed that.

Thank you so much.  God heard you all before, with even more people praying, He's going to answer our prayers.

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