Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015 and welcome back to the blog!  

I was hoping to have a great post ready for you today, but honestly, we partied too hard...

Ha, I wish!  I caught myself a sinus infection right after Christmas.  I tried ignoring it, hoping it would go away....but alas, it just got the point of affecting my head/jaw/teeth...and I basically feel like crying.  All the time.  But then I suck it up because I am Isaiah's mom and I know what he deals with so often and a sinus infection is nothing compared to a broken bone, you know?

But day 3 of the throbbing of my jaw was my breaking point.  After I put Isaiah to bed on Saturday night, I ran to a local Urgent Care type of place; they quickly diagnosed me, while kindly yelling at me for trying to pretend I didn't have it. :)  They gave me antibiotics and pain meds to help with the throbbing and I am willing them to work.

I am resting when I can and trying to be a good mom....which is not easy when I feel like this.  On top of that, Isaiah is dealing with some pain.  He sat up unassisted for over 20 minutes on Friday night.  It was glorious, but we think he's feeling it.  That or he has a fracture.  Sigh.

So we are two peas in a pod right now.

Two grumpy peas in a miserable no good pod.

Poor Dave. lol

Dave has been amazing and trying to help me as much as he can but he's back to work today.  So for now, Isaiah will be watching an obnoxious amount of Disney channel and we will be cuddling and healing together.

We hope your new year has started off healthier!

We'll catch you when we are feeling better...which is hopefully sooner rather than later.  :)


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