Sunday, January 11, 2015


Sorry for the lack of updates...we've been in recovery mode.  I put myself through an emotional beat down and I am finding the best medicine is cuddling with Isaiah.

I want to thank everyone for all of the love and support.  You are very good at inflating my ego. ;-)
Oh gosh, guys, her ego was big enough!

With all seriousness, I read every single comment and message and love you for it.  When they first started rolling in, I had a hard time reading all of the "you're a wonderful mom!" comments, but they've grown on me. You are right; I am pretty fabulous. haha

Seriously, mom? You are so embarrassing.

When it comes to Isaiah.  Let me tell you, when it rains, it pours.

Isaiah has had some congestion for the last few weeks.  I haven't been too concerned since it was always coming out clear. (Oh, were you eating? Sorry about that.)  On Wednesday, I noticed it's changed colors (Seriously, you're welcome.), plus he was even dealing with some green discharge coming out of his eyes.

But then I threw him around (ha, see? I can joke about it now!) and his gross issues took a back burner to his bones.

We were completely focused on what could be broken....we confirmed that Isaiah had a fractured humorous (at the very top of his arm) and a femur fracture right smack in the middle of the bone.  Both were minor.  I splinted him myself in the cast room at DuPont and we headed to the cafeteria to warm up some milk for him to drink before we got on the road back home.

It was there I saw a pretty major amount of blood coming out of his one ear.  Panic.  I was worried about a brain injury (I sometimes become a crazy-worst-case-scenario-mom).  Upon closer inspection (and my emailing and texting quite a few people), we saw some dried blood under his fingernails, the blood wasn't fresh, so we decided he must have cut himself.

Once home, I cleaned up his outer ear.  We vegged.  Isaiah and I napped BIG TIME.  (I hadn't slept the night before...way too much worry.)  Things were getting back to normal.

The next morning, we had Isaiah's Synagis shot scheduled.  Synagis is a medicine that Isaiah gets monthly during flu season; it helps to prevent Isaiah from getting RSV.  It was actually scheduled for Thursday, since they only have that "clinic" on Thursdays at Isaiah's pediatrician, but they made an exception for us given everything that happened and rescheduled it for Friday.  I hated giving him a needle, but this was important.  When he woke, I remembered the green gunk...mostly because it was coming out of his eyes (again) and his nose when I would suction him. (Blech.)  Then I saw his ear.  A little more blood and a crazy amount of wax.  Ugh.  Another ear infection?

When we got to the pediatrician, I mentioned the congestion to the nurse who gives Isaiah his synagis shot.  She asked some questions and decided we needed to see a doctor.  She spoke to the other staff members and they fit us in, right then and there.

How awesome?!

So yeah, on top of Isaiah's two fractures, he also has a sinus infection and a burst eardrum.  (Now the blood from his ear made sense!)

And yet, he still smiles.  Still laughs.  Still plays.  I had a sinus infection last week and was a miserable grump.  Isaiah has a sinus infection, burst eardrum, and two broken bones and still finds a way to love life.  What a trooper!

That brings us to today....Isaiah is officially 17 months old today!  I'll be hopefully taking some pictures later (we are going to be removing the splints for a good bath to see how Isaiah likes it.  Yes, I know that's super early...and I agree with you, but if you saw how much this kid is moving those limbs, and how annoyed he is with those splints...) and will post tomorrow about his 17 month birthday. :)

Thank you again for your love, support, and prayers.  <3

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