Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Isaiah is continuing to slowly get back to his healthy self, so I am starting to get him out of the house again.  Not sure if you've heard, but the northeast portion of the US was supposed to experience a little snow earlier this week...we woke up yesterday morning to about a total of 4 inches of snow outside!  (This is after days of on and off snow.)  

Yesterday, I decided to see how Isaiah would handle going out in the snow now that he's a little he was so interested in watching it fall Monday evening.  The last time we went out while it was snowing he hated every second, so I was hopeful things would go better since the snow was done falling.

No mom.  Just no.

Pretty similar reaction.  Clearly this guy is not a snow-loving guy.

But Isaiah, your mama and daddy love snow!  Don't you want to build a snowman?
No, mom.  Just no.

Ooooooh, this stuff is cold! Hmmmm, I wonder how will it feel if I touch it with my right hand...

Cold.  Still cold.  But kind of fun!

Mama even got to build a snowman. ;-)

Hopefully as Isaiah gets more mobile, he'll get more interested in snow in the wintertime.  For now, we'll just count it as a fun sensory activity in our warm house. :)

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