Monday, January 12, 2015

17 Months!

Look who turned 17 months old yesterday!!!

Isaiah's still hanging at the same weight (well, different scales but I am not surprised; this is normal among severe OIers at this age), but he's definitely grown recently in length.  He has officially, for real this time, sized out of his 0-3 clothes.  I can still put him in them if we like the capri look, but no, it's 18 degrees out.  I'm almost kind of bummed, the 0-3 outfits with footies were fitting perfectly and now the 3-6 footies are a tad too big, so it'll be a while before he's wearing monkeys on his feet again.

Isaiah celebrated his second Christmas and New Years this month.  He loved every celebration and every moment.  He loved the music, the lights, the time with was wonderful. 

Isaiah's learning to play with toys more appropriately.  Cars go "voom" and he laughs hysterically when I say "beep" and "honk" while crashing cars (why, yes, that is how I play with cars)...but his vocabulary has staled a bit just this week.  We noticed that happened when he broke his arm back in October, so I imagine it's a way that he deals with pain.  Although, yesterday I am sure we heard him saying "get it" in reference to his toys.  #bossyboy

He had his first sinus infection (that's a milestone, right?), but that's the only first that I can think of from this month.

Happy 17 months (and one day), Isaiah! I will try to throw you around a little less this month, ok? <3

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