Friday, January 23, 2015

Our Little Sicky

See that smile?  That was a rare occurrence yesterday.  Want to know where we were when I took this picture?  The waiting room of Isaiah's pediatrician.

Whomp whomp.

This kid has been hit this month, man.  What, was he healthy for a week?  Isaiah ended his antibiotics from his burst eardrum/sinus infection just this past Sunday and three days later it's like his nose was a leaky faucet.  (Oh hey, you probably should stop eating when checking out the blog, ok? Unless talking about bodily fluids makes you hungry, and if that's the case, ew.)  

Isaiah has never had such a leaky nose before.  And it just worsened as the day went on.  We started suctioning and so much fluid came out.....not even 5 minutes would go by and it would start leaking again.  The thing is, it was clear.  Clear means no cause for concern, right?  On top of this issue, he was sneezing up a storm.  My worry-wart-mama alert starting sounding off in my head...the color of his nasal discharge meant nothing to me...something was brewing, I could feel it.  

He'd wake up Wednesday night with a sneezing fit of at least 4 sneezes every so often.

Thursday, Isaiah just seemed off and I got worried.  He wouldn't really play.  His eyes were glassy.  He wasn't eating well.  He had some diarrhea.  He would shiver every so often.  Nap time was very interrupted.  The color of what was coming out of his nose was changing and I was growing more and more worried.  I checked his temperature- it was 100.0.  I called his pediatrician and made an appointment for the afternoon.

The only reasons I wasn't packing us up and getting ready for DuPont were 1) his O2 level was normal when he was on his pulse ox.  I'd think if he was developing pneumonia or RSV, it'd show in his numbers. 2) he was happy laying on an incline watching tv.  He'd laugh and still sing Mickey's Hot Dog song- that was a good sign to me.

I won't mention the big sneeze that had me worried he fractured a rib....oh wait, I just mentioned it...yeah.  I'm not 100% sure but he cried that break cry after one big sneeze in the morning...but he's been sitting up normal and his heart rate went back to normal so I am hoping I was just overly paranoid.

I texted Dave and asked him to meet us at the pediatrician after work since he was supposed to arrive home at our appointment time.  

Isaiah was tested for two strands of the flu and the tests came out negative...but we're still concerned.  His symptoms seem flu-like.  The doctor thought maybe we just came in so early in the sickness that it was too early to test positive.  We've been on watch for his temperature.  If it keeps elevating, they plan to put him on Tamiflu.  

I've emailed his team at DuPont; I'm anxious to hear back from his pulmonologist....I am anxious for his lungs.  The fact that his symptoms escalated so quickly...ugh...the flu is scary, especially for a child with restricted lung disease and has a history like Isaiah.

The positive is that even going through this, he's continuing to sit up and pull forward at the table.  Still a fighter.  Still determined.  Still amazing.

Please pray for Isaiah.  Pray for his continued strength to fight this thing.  Pray we stay out of the hospital.   Thank you. <3

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