Monday, July 14, 2014

Shopping Just Got Better!

Thanks to an early birthday present from one of Dave's best friends and his beautiful new wife, shopping just got a lot more fun!

Usually when all three of us go food shopping, we bring the stroller along and one of us pushes the stroller and then other pushes the cart.  When I'm by myself I have to decide what's easiest- putting Isaiah in the cart and just using the basket on top/piling things around him (because that's safe....not) or using the stroller and awkwardly carrying a[n overflowing] basket.

Well not anymore!

This cart cushion is made by Summer Infant and it, along with his Snuggin Go, is just fantastic for Isaiah.  He can see while we shop now!

He was looking all over yesterday during our trip to BJs.

I still have to tweek his neck support, but he was very comfy and very happy.

"Ooooh Mom, they have yogurt coupons on here!"

We ended up shopping into Isaiah's morning nap time and he started getting a bit crabby....Big Block Singsong came to the rescue (Have you seen these short videos yet?  Go to youtube and watch now if you haven't.  Too cute...and a great distraction when finishing up the last 5 minutes of shopping.).

This cart cushion is just fantastic for our little's squishy, comfy, and protects Isaiah from falling over.  It'll take some practice before I can use it on a shopping trip sans Dave, but it's a keeper for sure!

Thank you, Matt and Heather!! <3

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