Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting Better

If you're a fan of Isaiah's Facebook page, you know what happened after the big sneeze of 2014. 

Isaiah improved a lot during the day, and we thank his pain meds for that.  We spread them out as the day went on, and his last dose was last night.  He's doing extremely well!  We're still taking precautions, but Isaiah is already feeling better.  #superbaby

Because I'm crazy (and Dave and his dad are attacking some stuff around the house so the dining room table is completely covered with stuff), I decided today would be a good day to try a real bath by myself for Isaiah.  In our tiny bathroom.

I was nervous but I planned out every detail.  I made sure he was sitting in a reclined position and was well-padded. I had his towel and clothes ready on our bed.  I had another towel ready on the toilet seat so I could get him to our room without dripping water everywhere.

I put him in the tub, he started to cry a little (it was a very "I'm not too sure about this; this is new" cry), but was calmed immediately with his pacifier.  Once I started squeezing water all over him, he started stretching all 4 limbs and reached for the water.  Then he started kicking and splashing like crazy!

He was thrilled.

I didn't bring my phone in with me because honestly, I didn't want the distraction, but when Dave came by, I asked him to bring it because Isaiah was so happy and I wanted to remember this; this was his first bath in the bathroom.  (It's a silly milestone, but it's a milestone none the less.)

Look how happy he is again!

I missed that giggle.

So clearly, my life really is getting easier? It's A LOT easier to fill and empty Isaiah's tub IN the tub. I also don't need his mattresses at all so it's less prep.  

Isaiah has more room to roll on the bed too, as compared to the dining room table.

After his bath, we had some cuddle/tummy time and before we knew it he was falling asleep and ready for a nap.

All that splashing is exhausting you know!

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