Monday, July 21, 2014

Great Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend with Isaiah.  Although he's been dealing with some side affects from his antibiotic, he's still smiling...

And eating cookies.  Mickey Cookies at that!

Look ma, two hands!

On Friday, we said "THANKS BYE!" to all the oxygen in our house.  We haven't used it since February (and honestly probably should have stopped at least a month before that) and it was just taking up valuable space in the house, so it was time to go. :)

On Sunday morning, we took a trip to the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA.  It was one of the last good weather days before the temperature and humidity are supposed to go up so we wanted to take advantage of it.

We had a ton of fun!  We got to feed Louie the Giraffe, watch spider monkeys crawl across their exhibit, and hang out kind of uncomfortably close to a few Bison (seriously, Bison are HUGE).

One of our favorite moments was when we fed the farm animals.  Those goats were hilarious and right at Isaiah's level.  He couldn't stop staring at them.

I heard they could eat my hat, I better hold onto it!

We posed with awesome photo ops
Um, This frog has a bump on his head.

Isaiah tried his carrier for the first time out in a public setting...

It didn't last long thanks to an empty belly but thankfully he was back to his curious self after some yogurt. :)

We loved to see Isaiah so curious and we definitely plan to head back there in the fall.

Fingers crossed for a slow week this week! We'd like a break-fee, ear infection-free, doctor-free week. (Now let's hope I didn't just jinx it.)

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