Monday, July 7, 2014

Isaiah's First Fourth

We had a very calm first 4th of July.

We had planned to go to a local parade on Thursday night, but it got cancelled thanks to some insane storms that blew through some of our area (we actually only got a bit of rain and some thunder)  Those storms may have taken our first parade, but it also gave us amazing, low-humidity!  It was a wonderful afternoon to lay outside so we made up for our missed parade on Friday with a little lawn time.  We did some staring up at the sky, blew some bubbles, and ROLLING ONTO OUR BELLIES!  

Isaiah hasn't needed us to help him onto his belly lately.  He's been rolling over on his own.  The greatest part about his rolling into this new position is that he is so comfy that he falls asleep!  It was a fine was to spend the day, enjoying America from our own front yard...

Eventually we took a walk around the neighborhood and checked out the clearest view of Lancaster we've ever seen.  It was amazing and this picture doesn't do it justice.

Later in the weekend we learned of another reason Isaiah was grumping this week.  Our boy is sprouting another tooth already! I tried to get a picture, and this is the best that I could get...

Hopefully he'll show off his toothy grin soon, instead of hiding those two teeth with his tongue all the time!

We hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!  Hopefully next year we can introduce Isaiah to FIREWORKS! (They are just waaay past the bedtime of a 10 month old.)

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