Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend of Smiles and Family

Isaiah is seeming to feel like his old self again.  He's back to sleeping well and being extra alert/happy when he's awake.

He spent some time early Saturday morning catching some Zs on his boppy on the floor.
Carl did a great job standing guard.  (And no worries, he's about 2 inches away from Isaiah's legs. I checked 4,978,032 times.)

He spent his late morning and afternoon with family.  He finally got to cuddle with his Grandpop Bernie.

He snuggled with his Aunt Tricia.

He passed out on his Nan Nan Carol.

He even sat with his Grandmom Anna...but I dropped the ball on getting a picture this time. Boo. I at least got one of her visit from Columbus Day. 3 generations...

On Sunday morning, Isaiah spent some time in his bouncy chair with his BFF Mickey.
Look, he's leaning more midline as compared to how he normally lays (on his left)!

When I hold him, I try to hold him on a little angle so he'll be stretching his neck out a little bit and getting off of that one area of his head. (Update: This morning, he's resting in his play pen while I hang out at the table next to him typing away...he keeps stretching his neck and turning his head to the right! Hooray to more progress!)

We're getting more adventurous when it comes to moving around the living room with Isaiah and his machines.  Dave and I have even gotten to the couch now!
(Look at Carl! lol)

We ended our great weekend with a nice bath and story time.  (Woah woah woah. He's already cheating on Mickey?)

He promptly fell asleep, monkey in hand, when the book was done. LOL.  

This week includes Isaiah's 2 month doctor appointment (and perhaps a switch to cloth diapers? They're in the washer now!).  Here's hoping he's braver than his mommy when it comes to needles!...and here's hoping mommy doesn't show her fear (or, ya know, pass out) in front of Isaiah.

Happy Monday, all! 

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