Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update + Isaiah's Newborn Photos

Ok, update first...

We're basically vacationing in the NICU.

They are very ready to discharge us but we're having some difficulties getting home nursing up and running.  We can't discharge without it so we have to be patient.  The nursing company confirmed today that we won't be getting out until at least Sunday, so Dave and I decided to run home tonight to drop stuff off and get the house semi-ready for the craziness that's about to ensue when Isaiah comes home.  (Craziness being representatives from the nursing company, the oxygen company, Isaiah himself, and his first night time nurse.)

We also may have a final El Serrano date before heading back to our cuddle bug. (It helps when we love the nurse he'll be with.)

I'm thrilled we came home because I found a fabulous package in the mail pile.  It contained a CD and photos from Isaiah's second day of life. I cannot handle the fact that it was almost TWO months ago (or how much he's changed already).

These photos were actually supposed to be taken on Isaiah's first day of life...but, ya know, he decided to come a day early.  They are beyond special to us because of who took them.
Sharon Mastrosimone from the company Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS) took them.  NILMDTS'a mission is to give you the gift of remembrance photographs to parents suffering the loss of their baby.  Sharon was scheduled to be at our 8/12 c-section by the head nurse of Jefferson's NICU to be there to take photos of Isaiah if he didn't make it.

Remember how there was a chance for that?

But he he amazed us all, he LIVED, he came out screaming,

and he's beautiful.

In all the excitement of Isaiah's early birth, Sharon wasn't told that he came early, or that he lived.  She was thrilled for us and still gave us this gift of a free photo session.
We're so grateful to her for these amazing pictures and her kindness during the photo session...and we're looking forward to bringing Isaiah home (again) SOON.

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