Thursday, October 24, 2013

Going Places

2 weeks ago I showed you how Isaiah is able to be at home instead of in the hospital.  I mentioned that in the future I'd show you how we get back and forth to doctors appointments....Tuesday morning we had Isaiah's 2 month well visit so I pulled out my phone and snapped 639,173 pictures during our "getting ready" process.

First we gather everything we will need.  During this trip we just ran down to the local pediatrician so we limited it to our "diaper bag".  Here's the basics of it:

1) 2 extra shirts and some fun puppy slippers.  Everything's better with puppy slippers.
2) One of Isaiah's best friends. His pal Mickey stayed home for this run.
3) An infant sized resuscitation bag for one of those "just in case we need to perform CPR" moments.  (If we're prepared, we won't need it.)
4) Empty syringes to check placement if we need to give Isaiah anything down his NG-tube.
5) Wet Ones and sanitizer because I'm trying to be a clean freak. #nogermsaloud
6) Receiving blankets and burp clothes. Always good to have extras.
7) Bag of a billion diapers, a pack of wipes, and Desitin
8) Bag of random supplies- some "break box" cotton rolls in case he breaks when we're out, lotion in case I'd like to smell some extra baby smell (or ya know, if he has dry skin), duoderm/tegaderm (the medical tape that's on Isaiah's face), more syringes, gauze, a nose/booger sucker, and a syringe of a morphine dose in case of a break.
9) Our disposable (looks to be fisher price) stethoscope used to check placement of his feeding tube.

I forgot to throw a few things in the pile before the picture was taken... like Isaiah's emergency folder/binder.  In it I have his important doctor contacts, a list of his medications and immunizations, copies of his insurance cards, a sign to hang on his crib/bed if he's admitted to a hospital, and a list/description of his health history.

On a DuPont day (or a day when/if we ever decide to venture out), we bring a few other things along with us.

10) This is the suction machine.  It has a chargeable battery so we can travel with this and use it in the car if needed.
11) This is the suction tool that freaks me out- it's a catheter.  I can stick that tube in Isaiah's mouth or nose and get back to his throat if he has something blocking his airway.  We are supposed to use this daily in his nose to make sure the airway is clear for the pressure from the nasal cannula.
12) Packets of saline- If Isaiah sounds super stuffy, I pop one of these open and put a few drops up his nose.  He hates it but it helps to loosen the boogies so we can suction them out.
13/14) These are two other suction tools- one is a tube like the tip of a booger bulb and the other is shaped like a mushroom with a hole in the tip.  I prefer to use the mushroom; I feel like I get the most control without it being too invasive.

If we think/know we're going to be gone for one of Isaiah's meals, we bring all of this:
15) The feed machine- this is the exact machine from home- it's portable and holds a charge.  I bring the power cord with us just in case.
16) Syringes- 1 for checking placement (remember, I have the stethoscope to do that), 1 with morphine,  and some empties just in case.
17) Tegaderm and Duoderm- that's the tape that holds Isaiah's tubes on his face.
18) A spare NG tube- just in case Isaiah ever figures out how to pull his can be reinserted but if it'd be close to change out time (he gets a new one ever 4 weeks), I'd just opt for the new one.
19) A pulse-ox sensor- this has nothing to do with his feeding. I just take advantage of the spare room.  You can never have too many of these in case the one he has on his foot starts going wonky. (All the beeping will make me wonky....-er.)
20) A travel sized packet of formula.

I just realized I don't have a feeding bag or bottles pictured.  Probably because I used the one from the bag at the ER and then used it at home.  (note to self- replace the bag!)

Exhausted yet? We're not done.

If you think we forgot the baby. whomp whomp.

Once we know we have the little stuff, we grab the important stuff (Ya know, like Isaiah).
We place Isaiah on a nice clean mattress in the bassinet.  (Hopefully someday we'll be able to use his car seat and we can eliminate this step from the getting-out-the-door process.)  You can see his spare Trilogy machine behind the bassinet in the picture above.  The travel pulse oximeter machine is on top of the trilogy.

We make sure the sensor is on Isaiah's foot correctly because we don't need any extra beeping, especially while driving.

We power on the travel Trilogy and detach the blue circuit tube from his home Trilogy...

 and attach it to his travel one.

We grab 2 oxygen tanks (not pictured, sorry).  I usually carry them and Dave carries Isaiah along with his Trilogy.

Isaiah has been doing so good with his oxygen saturation levels that he doesn't have to be hooked up. He really only needs it when he's in a deep sleep.  We bring it just in case (especially since he falls asleep in the car).

We strap him in his car bed.
(I imagine you're wondering why on Earth we don't bring the car bed in the house, strap him in there, and carry him out.  (Because that'd be too easy! No, actually...) This thing is a real pain to install in the car.  It's just easier for our sanity to keep it safely strapped in and ready to drive.)

21) It's hard to see because of the black cover, but that's the travel Trilogy It has 6 hours of battery life.  We have a car charger and we bring the power cord along too to plug in when we're at our destination.
22) One of the two oxygen tanks (in its black travel case).  We have a tube all hooked up and ready to turn it on if Isaiah's oxygen dips.  The other tank goes in the trunk as a back up.
23) The travel pulse-oximater machine that monitors Isaiah's oxygen level and heart rate.
24) The car bed and Isaiah. ha.

Ok, we have supplies we need, we have the baby who is safely strapped in. Go!

This should be his Halloween picture.  He looked super cute in person; his eyes look kind of creepy now that I'm looking at it.   

So there you have it... the I'm-sure-I-still-forgot-something list of everything we need to travel with Isaiah.  We're hoping in the next few months we'll be able to cut some of this stuff out and make traveling less of a production.

Isaiah and I have plans to meet our occupational therapist this morning.  She'll be coming by once a month.  We're also having a new night nurse stop by to be oriented and meet our cute little Isaiah.  Plus we might have physical therapy starting today.

I bet his physical therapist will be happy to see this:

Look at me, I'm looking to the right by myself, mom!
I'm just hanging out on my right side, no big deal.

The company that Isaiah's physical therapist works for called yesterday...while I was sleeping.  I answered, and I know it will be Thursdays at 11:30, but can't seem to remember if she said it starts this week or next...I love that I talk to people in my sleep.  (I'm such a good multi-tasker.)  I've done this since I was a little kid.  Usually I don't remember the conversation though.

Anyways, today is a big day in the Martin household.  Dave is off to his first full day of being out of the house.  He had been working a few days a week out of the house and spending the rest of those days working from home scheduling and such.  Although he left me to Isaiah, it was really reassuring to have him here if I needed an extra set of hands....but I've totally got this.

Yup.  Totally.

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  1. you SO totally have this. no doubts!

    and what a freakin' cutie he is! :)