Monday, October 7, 2013

Home, Take #2

Yesterday, around lunch time, we left Dupont!

We made our way in our pram:

And into the car where we were backseat drivers to Dave again:

For now Isaiah is parked in the living room until we can get an electrician to up the amps in his room (Long story short, the oxygen company requires us to have certain power requirements, and sadly, his room doesn't meet them. He could hang out there for a change of venue for a few hours because his machine has battery power, but the safest thing to do is keep Isaiah in the living room so we're going with that.).

Isaiah's furry brother is adjusting again.  He's not so happy to lose his giant bed in the living room but if he gets to sit on a lap while stalking Isaiah in it, he's good to go.

None of us really slept our first night home, but it was our first night back together and our first night with a nurse, so we expected it.  (Lots of adjusting to do.)

This morning Dave went back to work for a bit so it was just Isaiah and I.  We hung out, did some laundry, and relaxed.  When Dave got home, we popped Isaiah into one of his bouncy chairs.  

It's a fancy Leap Frog one that glows and plays music.  

He LOVES it.  He followed the lights and had his eyes wide open the whole time.

Check out Carl in the background. (Babies are exhausting, huh kitty?)

And at this moment, Isaiah is eating and falling asleep.  Daddy and mommy will be doing the same shortly (except not at the same time; perk of an ng tube I guess).  Always nap when the baby naps, right?

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