Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Splint for Sale

Hello, welcome to my store.  Would you like to buy a used splint?

Ok, let me ring you up real quick before my momma sees this.  No refunds, by the way.

Yup, my little Houdini was probably out of his splint more than he should have been.  He fractured on Friday, and by Monday I had re-splinted three times and he was still finding ways out of it and wiggling that leg like a maniac.  I ended up removing it when I attempted nap time (figuring maybe that was why he wasn't wanting to nap then...nope, he just didn't want to nap) and he stretched it out happily.

He has been moving that little leggy like normal, which makes sense because if anything I believe this fracture was small and his doctors have told us in the past that he should be back to his normal within 72 hours of a micro-fracture.  We're still being cautious when we move him or play with him, but we're not limiting Isaiah from rolling around or moving it.

Isaiah is due for his next Pam treatment next week (already????) and I will be glad to get him his bone juice. :)

This post was short and sweet but the photos make up for it, right? ;-)


  1. i'm dying over the first two pics and captions. what a cutie :)

  2. I love the last picture on the bottom right! Super Cute! Go Isaiah!

  3. BEST PHOTOS EVER! He really has the cutest personality!