Friday, May 29, 2015

Pam, Pulmonary, and HOME!

So, seriously, didn't Isaiah's MRI look awesome!? Yep, I'm still talkin about it. ;-)

Yesterday, we checked out of the McDonald House bright and early, and headed over to DuPont for breakfast, a quick breathing test (I'll explain more on that in the future, but all is good!), and our last day in Day Medicine for Pam until July.  

We find different ways to entertain ourselves in Day Medicine. But when you have about 4 hours in one place, waiting for medicine to slowly flow, you get creative.  I brought our house a ton of toys (and a few books) each day so thanks to them and our friends, we had lots to do.

Here is Isaiah playing with blocks on Day 2.

Isaiah was rocking sitting up whenever he was up playing and eating.

On Wednesday, we had an appointment with Isaiah's pulmonologist, Dr H.  We check in with him every 4 months to make sure Isaiah continues to do well in the breathing department.  He checks his CO2 levels, listen to his lungs, and ask me lots of questions.

Waiting for Dr. H.

All continues to go well and we were reminded to schedule another sleep study for September.  (boooooooooooooooooooooooo)

Last day of Pam!

The last day of Pam went smoothly.  I helped de-access his port when all was said and done by removing the tape myself; the nurse even showed me what to do with the equipment when de-accessing him (aka taking the needle out of the port in his chest)...I'm not sure I'm brave enough to ever do that, but if I did need to at some point, it's good to know.  I know they showed me when Isaiah first got his port placed, but I was too freaked out by everything to even look at it then.... all my friends/family that know my fear of needles should be so proud of me nowadays. ha

The drive home was quick, especially for Isaiah.  He fell asleep as soon as we were exiting the parking lot and didn't wake up until we were down the road from our house! lol  

It's wonderful to be home! Now I need to get us all unpacked and back to our normal.  :)

Happy Weekend!

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