Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015 Recap

Christmas 2015 is officially in the books!  What a Christmas it was!

This was Isaiah's third Christmas.  This was the first year Isaiah could independently make his way out to the presents.  Last year, Santa left the presents in the family room and we opened them downstairs, but Santa knew leaving the gifts upstairs, like Isaiah's First Christmas, meant Isaiah could discover them on his own. <3

Watching his face light up when he rounded the corner from his room to see the tree surrounded by presents was such a joy.

Isaiah was very excited to see his kitchen table. We love that it's accessible!

Isaiah emptied his stocking and opened his gifts, all while yelling "Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!"

Once Isaiah was done opening his gifts, we had some breakfast and were on our way to see family!

First stop was Baba's house:

Yep, Isaiah got some iPad time.  He was a bit grumpy because he was so warm....the weather was very unseasonably warm. He eventually did get to his gifts though...

After breakfast and time at Baba's house, we were on our way to Nan Nan and Pop Pop's house.

Thankfully I never ago through the clothes in the diaper bag as I had left a summer outfit in there! The clothing switch helped Isaiah's attitude quite a bit!

This snack tray put together just for him by his Aunt Tricia helped too. ;-)

A Lenox tray. LOL!

We had dinner pretty soon after we arrived, and then it was time for Isaiah's last pile of presents! (spoiled boy!)

By now Isaiah understood the drill of opening presents and did a good job opening most of them.

His last present was/is by far his favorite- a piano just his size!

Seriously, the cutest piano player I ever did see 😍

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Isaiah had a wonderful Christmas day surrounded by family and filling his belly (he even ate eggs and ham! If you know the toddler-eating struggles I've had with him lately, you know the win that this is!)

We hope your Christmas was wonderful as well! I'm hoping to have a end of the year recap before the new year, but we'll see, we're making lots of memories this week. <3

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