Friday, December 18, 2015

Meeting Santa

Earlier this week, we took our annual trip to the mall to visit Santa.  Before we hit the mall, Isaiah and I had spent a lot of time doing a lot of talking, prepping for our visit, about Santa and sitting on his lap.  I'd show him last year's picture of him losing his mind sitting on Santa's lap and we'd talk about how he's a big boy now and he can sit in Santa's lap, talk with him, and know we're right there if he needs us.

We were shocked to see no one in line to visit Santa so we made our way right up to him.  I'll be honest, I was expecting a lot of tears and yelling....but Isaiah is a big boy...

And he visited Santa like one!  He got upset at first when I stepped away and some of the bloopers show him with a scowl on his face and pointing (at me), but once I started acting like a goof he was good to go!

He's made so much progress...

His first visit at just 4 months old included his mattress pad and plenty of tubes, wires, machine, etc.  His second visit at 1 year he was free of all of that, but was dealing with undiagnosed hydrocephalus and he wasn't strong enough to sit up.  But this year he was able to sit with Santa like typical kids do!  He didn't say too much to Santa this year but we're pretty sure next year he'll be chatting up a storm with him.

Thank you Santa for continuing to make our Christmases amazing. :)

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