Monday, December 14, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap- 2.5 weeks later

Hi there! Man, the older Isaiah gets, the tougher it is for me to find time to blog! It used to be so easy when Isaiah was on a routine...nowadays our routines include Isaiah fighting our routines....and all food... except bagels, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and peanut butter sandwiches.  #welcometotoddlerhood

Seriously guys, I'm in survival mode.  I am hoping Isaiah decides he likes routine again soon because I miss it so. very. much.

I was just going to skip sharing this post since it's so late...but better late than never, huh?


Our Thanksgiving was wonderful for the most part, spent with family about a half hour away from us.  Just enough time in the car to fall asleep...

Which worked out perfectly for a short nap time for him.

Isaiah loved playing with two of his cousins...(seriously, these two boys are the gentlest, kindest, sweetest, most inclusive kids ever....and I don't say that because I know their Nan Ann reads the blog. ;-) (Hi Aunt Ann!)

When it came to dinner time...Isaiah was offered the traditional Thanksgiving feast...but opted for a peanut butter sandwich.  Who is actually surprised?  There are days I'll fight with him about food, a holiday is not one of them....but he did eat some leftover turkey when we got home. :)

After he was done scarfing down his sandwich eating his meal, we pulled out small toys and books for him to enjoy while we finished our meals and then it was time for dessert! Hello there Isaiah cookie...

We've been working on spelling Isaiah's name with him. :) I wish I had hit video instead of snapping a picture at that moment fun hearing him say "I-A-H"...still working on clearly articulating the beginning "I-S-A".

We did have a question if Isaiah had a compression fracture in his spine...when we had put him in his high chair in the morning for breakfast, 10 seconds later he moved a certain way and then everything about him changed and he began crying his break cry, shaking, and turning pretty purple (from the pain/reaction, not a lack of oxygen).  I immediately pulled him from his high chair and held him reclined in my lap for breakfast.  If I sat him up at all, he'd breathe differently, more labored and faster, so we contemplated canceling going to Thanksgiving....instead though, we gave him some medicine and gave him time to rest....and he handled the day like a champion.  He even sat in his travel high chair- no labored breathing or arching his back...He didn't show one sign of being in pain until it was time for his next dose and we were just very careful with him for a few days.  We're still not sure if he had fractured (because if we took him in for every suspected fracture we'd always be at the hospital and he'd be shining green from all that radiation :-P ) but we're glad we followed his lead and didn't cancel our time with family.  It's so important for us to show him that OI won't stop him from living his life.  We might have to pause or do things a little differently here or there, but it won't hold him down. <3

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying this beautiful time of year. We've been busy decorating, baking, and enjoying many holiday activities....can't wait to show you! :)

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