Monday, December 21, 2015

Share a Night at RMH

During our stay at the McDonald House in September, we attended a "House meeting" where they mentioned that they needed a family to be the feature family for their Share a Night event.  "Share a Night" is an event where they have a lighting ceremony of their Christmas light display.  It's a fundraising event where, for every $15 donated, they added a light to the display.

 The Ronald McDonald House has been our home away from home for over two years now.  They've done so much for us from giving us a bed to sleep in to a warm dinner to fill out bellies when we are exhausted after a long day over at the hospital, from gifts for Isaiah in the Treasure Chest room to giving us the ability to spend time with other families, families just like I asked if we'd be able to help and be the feature family....we are there quite often after all, and will be for quite a few years.  

The night got here before we knew it and we headed to Delaware for a night of fun....and not a night at the hospital. ;-)  

Why yes, we did hang out with Ronald himself!

Do you see that crowd?  That's not even half of the people.  It was so jam packed, full of so many supporters of the House.  Pam Cornforth, the President/CEO of the RMH of DE,  led a great presentation, including a short speech given by yours truly, and then LIGHTS!

We were really grateful to be a part of such a wonderful event.

The picture above is of "Sponsor Island". It was so cool reading the signs and seeing all the names of the companies who support the House.

It was a great night to enjoy the lights and it was wonderful seeing Isaiah push himself around to see everything. :)

It was an honor to be the feature family; I hope we were able to help the House as they have helped us in our journey with Isaiah.

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