Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Goodness time is flying lately....I am so sorry for the continued breaks from the blog; life has taken over and is making it incredibly difficult to sit down and write even a quick post....but Isaiah is taking an unexpected late afternoon nap and I wanted to share how our Easter went!

Isaiah is at such a fun age (two and a half already, people!).  All the extra holiday fun is just soon much fun! We enjoyed dying eggs with Isaiah this year, while he pointed out the colors and placed lots of stickers on his eggs...he was very  specific as to where the stickers should go....

We had some fun leading up to Easter this year, painting and crafting!  My kid, the one who dry heaves at the smell of paint, chose to paint a paper Easter egg....and enjoyed it!

I think there will be a clothesline hung in our house some time soon to display all of Isaiah's art projects that we'll do.  I am hugely into crafts...but the absolute disgust that Isaiah showed to so much of it led me to put that creative bug on the back burner...I'm excited to see him want to color and paint now. :)

On Saturday, Isaiah got to spend some time with his Nan Nan and Aunt Tricia.  Tricia, Isaiah's daddy, and I took care of the landscaping while Isaiah played with my childhood toys with him Nan Nan!  He also got spoiled by them with a very special Easter basket of Tsum Tsums, mini M&Ms, and a Kion doll (Kion is a character from the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard).

Sunday involved lots of time reflecting, going on a hunt for Isaiah's Easter basket, and more family time.

That sneaky Easter bunny always hides Isaiah's Easter basket in the silliest places, and he always sends Isaiah on a hunt with plastic eggs filled with silly rhymes making him guess where to find his basket.  This year, he put the basket in the oven. That silly rabbit, he's lucky I wasn't planning on baking anything for breakfast and needing to preheat that oven!

Isaiah was introduced to his first Peep this year...

and he's still undecided. LOL

All in all it was a great Easter for Isaiah. We hope you had a beautiful day as well!

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