Thursday, February 18, 2016

Please Touch Museum

I can't believe this was a month ago, but back in January, we ventured to Philadelphia to visit the Please Touch Museum for a special event called Play Without Boundaries.  

Play Without Boundaries provides families of children with disabilities the chance to play at the museum without crowds (as it opened before typical hours just for those who signed up for the event), without the music playing, and the lights turned low....for free.

We were lucky enough to meet our cousins there and got to have a tea party with one of them <3
"Helena, would you like a spot of tea?"

Isaiah had a TON of fun pretending throughout the day...buying a sandwich from some guy at the park (that's daddy;-) ) driving an ambulance, working at a train much fun!

The best part of the day was playing on the accesible sail boat!

He really lit up when it would move.  We could have probably spent the whole day there. :)

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Isaiah also got to ride his very first carousel. Twice!

He didn't actually ride on a horse as Daddy was very nervous about that idea, so instead we snapped that picture and hopped on the bench nearby. ;-)

It was a wonderful morning playing without boundaries!  The lack of crowds was a HUGE draw for us because it meant less people for Isaiah to bump into and less kids who were excited by Isaiah's chair and wanting to touch it. :)  The Please Touch Museum has this event four times a year...and we'll be watching for the next one. :)

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