Monday, February 1, 2016

Hi There!

Sorry for the radio silence on the blog...I hope you haven't totally given up on me!  We're doing well and Isaiah is doing great! We just had another round of Pamidronate last week.  Isaiah has been battling a very ugly ear infection that we finally turned a corner on over the weekend...thank goodness for an effective antibiotic!

He's smiled and laughed through it all during the day...and we're grateful.  (The nights have been another story!)

I had an unofficial new years resolution to get my butt back to blogging regularly but clearly I couldn't keep up with that...even through the first week of January? Lordy!  So I am going to shoot for one post a week and see if I can keep up with that. :)  If you'd like to see Isaiah more, I do post frequently on our public instagram/facebook pages. :)

I have some posts started on our adventures at DuPont for pamidronate (and a shunt check that happened right before Christmas) and The Please Touch Museum (so much fun!), and playing in the snow so hopefully I can get them written and shared with many cute pictures!  

We hope 2016 is treating you well! :)

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