Monday, November 24, 2014

Roller Coaster Weekend

This weekend started out pretty scary.  One minute, Isaiah was happily eating pieces of a peanut butter sandwich and the next minute he sneezed a big sneeze that took him (us) by surprise.  He normally braces himself, and if he doesn't and I can tell a sneeze is coming on, I try to by holding his torso...but this one came fast a furious. much crying. It was that cry.  He was inconsolable for well over an hour.  He was only happy on my chest, rolled into a position he doesn't normally lay in.

All of his limbs were moving freely so we determined that if there was a break, it was somewhere in his torso- maybe a rib or compression fracture in his spine?  I emailed his doctor to give the news. Once Isaiah was calmer, about two and half hours after the sneeze, I gave him a bath.  We debated it, but he had water therapy earlier so we had to wash the chlorine off.  Plus I made it extra warm (probably on the verge of too hot for a kiddo this age) to help relax him.  He spent 45 minutes in that water.  He really calmed down and started playing and acting like himself.  He started dancing all around and stretching to touch the toys on the sides of the tub.  We were dumbfounded.  

Did the sneeze just scare him?  As a precaution, we gave him a dose of his pain meds.

He continued the happy trend and went to bed peacefully.  He slept deep and slept hard.  He slept through the night and didn't need any meds.

When he woke in the morning, we noticed a slight whimper sound that he was making in certain positions, so we gave him infant advil and that stopped!  We kept up with that throughout the day and he made it through the night again.

Then he woke like himself on Sunday morning.  No whimpers to be found.  In fact, he was full of energy.  He was happily playing and rolling around.  After breakfast (in his highchair), I was cuddling him on the couch.  he was wiggling like crazy! I was just slouched back on the couch with him laying on me.  And then?

He lifted his head.

He lifted his torso.

HE SAT UP! What the what???????????

Oh hey, check my awesome Minnie Mouse pj pants. They are trying to steal the show here. I think they almost succeeded.

I had my arms around him for support, but he did every bit of the work.  No signs of a rib fracture or compression fracture here! 

At 15 months old, Isaiah David Martin sat up on his own.  It only lasted about 3 seconds before he threw himself back, but then he did it again!  (Another awesome milestone happened as well...he put his head up during tummy time!!!!! This kid....)

Do you see that face?  That's the face of one amazing, determined, and PROUD little boy.

Super baby strikes again!

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