Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mommy is Breaking the Rules

Scrooge Dave has this rule: No Christmas decorations/fun until after Thanksgiving.  

But then it snowed.

And then he broke the rule by playing this video for Isaiah.

If daddy broke the rules, that means mommy can too, right? (we rule breakers are really good role models, aren't we?)

So, today, I grabbed a few Christmas boxes, and introduced Isaiah to a Christmas toy from when I was a baby while I Christmas-fied the family room. ;)

Isaiah jingled Santa while I hung his stocking that was mostly handcrafted by me (everything except the stocking itself was cut and sewn on by yours truly). It took me about a week to transform this cheapy felt stocking into a personalized keepsake for our Isaiah thanks to a project I found on pinterest.

Yes, I do need to make matching stockings that say "Mom", "Dad", and obviously a "Carl" stocking too. (And no, you aren't supposed to notice that I probably technically broke the no-Christmas-yet rule first by creating this stocking. Shhhhhhhhh)

I really tried to stifle my early Christmas cheer.  I swear I did.  I spent time putting together some of the outdoor decor in preparation to put it out on Black was supposed to hold me over...

but my plan backfired because it just got me more excited to start celebrating with Isaiah!  This Christmas is going to be so different than last year.

 Last year we had ourselves on lockdown.  Isaiah was on his c-pap and oxygen 24/7.  He was spending much of his time on a mattress.  He was eating through an NG-tube.  He had night nurses.

This year?  It's going to be so different.  He's grown so much!  He's eating table foods. (Hello Christmas cookies!) He's only using his c-pap machine at night.  He's sleeping in his room (instead of the dining room with his nurse nearby).

Our little snowflake has come such a long way...

and I am eager to celebrate a very exciting holiday season with my family. :)

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