Sunday, August 7, 2016

Isaiah's Big Boy Room

With Isaiah becoming a big brother soon, it's about time that he moves out of the nursery and into his very own big boy room! I did a TON of changing my mind when it came to every aspect of this room...We wanted to create a space that would grow with him. We wanted to create a space that was accessible. We wanted a simple theme.  

Ready to take a tour of Isaiah's big boy Pirate room? 

This is what you see when you enter the doorway...

To the left is a shatterproof mirror at his height for him to play, brush his teeth, brush his hair, and just plain check out his handsome self. To the right (not visible in this picture, but is down below) is a cabinet that holds some of his clothes.  The bookshelf straight ahead holds his tshirts, onesies, and pants- all folded and accessible to him. The shark above the shelf is from Target (and so are the amazing blackout curtains! They are fantastic!)- both from the Pillowfort collection.

The lamp on top of it is from Disney World! One of our cousins interned there and had this very cool lamp that used to be in the lobby of The Boardwalk Resort.  How cool is that? Thank you again, Micheal!!

Under the window is his clothes hamper, which isn't a permanent spot quite yet. To the right is what I lovingly call "the parking lot". It's an area where we'll keep various equipment (instead of having it all over the living room).  The decal on the wall is from Etsy. 

And here comes a picture of what I think will be considered a controversial choice for a bed....

Isaiah now has a twin junior loft bed! This baby is fantastic! It is the perfect height for Dave and I to get Isaiah in and out of the bed and there's room for him to play underneath for now! 

We have the bed turned so the ladder is against the wall for now. Isaiah isn't able to sit up on his own yet and can't roll completely over- although the pictures are deceiving, there is plenty of rail to keep Isaiah safe and sound in his bed. 

When I've shown these pictures to friends with kids, they are clearly skeptical and worried. I'd never put Isaiah in a situation that is unsafe.  I think my friends picture/ combine their kids ability/mobility and Isaiah's fragility. At this time, he can not get himself anywhere near over that bed rail.  Once he shows any sign of being able or interested, we'll place a mattress (literally) on the floor underneath so that he will be able to transfer himself completely on his own. And someday his brother will join him in this room up on top. 

But for now, the underneath is Isaiah's favorite place in our house...but more on that in a minute. 

Oh, and notice there is the cabinet I mentioned, I have a tension rod in there with all of Isaiah's hanging clothes. 

I tried to get a picture of the room so you could see every angle. We've circled all around so you can see the doorway from the hallway in the picture below...

But as for Isaiah's favorite place? I've had some fun...continuing to overthink the accessibility. 

We're using the ladder as a place to house some of his favorite cars and trains, his piano is under there, and at some point we'll have something educational and fun on the back of the cabinet (a calendar maybe? I'm still deciding.).  On the wall is a 30"x14" magnetic board with some letters for Isaiah to have fun with and have a "word party". 

And then there is his toy chest that he can access from his Firefly Scooot. Some of his favorite books are up on top and he loves reading them under his bed. 

I hope to add some kind of rope or string lights under there at some point, I just haven't decided which kind yet. 

Isaiah is just starting to pick his clothes. The rod is a little high for the scooot but he's also getting used to reaching up again after a recent arm fracture so once he learns to trust his body, he'll be grabbing things off the hangers in no time. 

Big kid!

He can even put his own laundry in the hamper! I knew what I was doing picking a foldable hamper ;) (ha I totally grabbed it for the pirate design and this is a very happy accident!)

So there you have it! A look at Isaiah's new room! 

It is clearly Isaiah and Carl approved. :-p 


  1. You are s wonderful mother and it would never enter my mind that you would put Isiah in any harm (regarding bed). The bedroom is awesome love the space under the bed!!

  2. Omg those pictures of him in his room are gorgeous he looks so at home in there - super cool room and the top about he black out curtains at target I may have to follow up on. Currently working on making my son's bedroom nicer :)

  3. I love that he is reading a story to his stuffies <3